Decorator HELP: Office Snack Bar

I am in desperate need of ideas for decorating an entire office.

Here's a little back story so you can understand what I am up against. I work for a startup technology company and we just recently found ourselves with the opportunity to rent an amazing office space. The only problem is that it is empty...clean slate. And obviously since we are an infant company we can't afford to bring in a team of designers to decorate the place. It may prove to be the biggest challenge for this group of geeks yet!

So where is the obvious place to start??? A snack bar, of course! Actually one of the fellas I work with found this unbelievable antique piece that works perfectly in the space. 

But as you can see, it needs love.  This huge industrious piece measures 8 feet long with a butcher block top and metal legs and drawers. It truly is gorgeous. As I eluded to earlier we would like to use it as a snack bar area. It needs to be functional but eye-pleasing, keeping with our industrial feel. 

On the left side we would like to put a coffee station as that is closest to the actual kitchen (water source).  The rest we will use for snacks and maybe a mail sorting area.

Please, please, please help me with ideas.

I'm going to need lots more help as we continue with this project. I write software I know nothing about decorating. But I am excited to do something that isn't sitting behind a computer.  I'm hoping with some help from my blogging friends I can make this environment an area in which we can all be comfortable. 

Oh that brings up another point, I am the only female that will be using this office so no pink or ruffles...the guys wouldn't like that :)

If I use your idea I will definitely give you credit in a follow up blog post.

Stay Tuned!


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