The Best Food Storage Containers

Not all food storage containers are the same.  

This is hands down my favorite for short storage. These containers are made of hard clear plastic and have suction closing lids with fold-over snap locks.

The lids close so effortlessly and really seal the food in. No leaks ever!

To top it all off they are easy to store themselves with their easy to find lids.


Podcast Additions: Missing Richard Simmons

Podcast Title: Missing Richard Simmons
Genre: Investigative Journalism
Host: Dan Taberski
Rating: This podcast is meant for those inquisitive minds.
Star Rating: 4 stars

I grew up in the 80's and 90's and often saw the eccentric Richard Simmon's on the tube promoting his work out videos. He always grabbed your attention with his bold, loud personality and that big hair. He seemed fun and full of life. If I were into working out in those days he would have likely been first on my list for aerobic videos. 

It wasn't until I stumbled upon this podcast that I realized he had fallen out of the public's eye. I started the first episode just simply out of curiosity. However, I found myself hooked. How could a personality that clearly fed on the public just walk away? 

The podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, is only 6 episodes long so it is a fairly quick listen and quite encapsulating. Dan dives into where and what Simmons has been doing since his exit but despite his investigation there is still a lot of mystery. 

The podcast is an Apple production so there are limitations as to where you can find the podcast. I listened to it using the podcast app on my iPhone but you can also find it online here

If you listen I would love to hear your opinion.

Happy listening,

Podcast Addictions are my opinions on some of the podcasts to which I listen or have listened. I am in no way incentivized for these posts so you can be sure they are my true opinions.


Friday's Frets - Fire Ants


Last week I was complaining about chiggers this week it is the other little creature I encounter regularly that is causing me pain. FIRE ANTS! Their name is perfectly fitting as it feels like your skin is on fire when they release their venom.

These little guys are viscous. This year they have overtaken our yard. Ant hills everywhere! We have to be cautious about letting our granddaughter outside because when they bite they leave a stinging sensation that lasts for hours if not days. 

In this war the weapon I have found to be most effective is Advion Fire Ant Bait. You sprinkle it on the mound and they will run to the top to get it and take it back inside. Within a few days no more fire ants.  Sounds mean but I must protect the ones I love and staying inside just to avoid nasty creature is no fair. I would also advice a good granular spread for the entire yard perimeter as well. 

This post does contain affiliate links. I may be compensated for purchase. However, I would not recommend a product I do not believe in.


  [fret] (noun): an irritated state of mind; annoyance; vexation.

Friday's Frets are my little rants about something that annoys me, most often without reason. We all have them, those little peeves that you may or may not notice.


Friday Frets: Chiggers


  [fret] (noun): an irritated state of mind; annoyance; vexation.

Friday's Frets are my little rants about something that annoys me, most often without reason. We all have them, those little peeves that you may or may not notice.

If you have done much exploring in the great outdoors you have no doubt encountered the almost invisible beasts that attach when you aren't looking. These little guys live on grass and bushes and all it takes is the slight encounter to be plagued for days with relentless itching.

Unlike mosquitoes they don't go for the easy to get to bare skin. They search out the most inconvenient areas and bring an army to make life miserable. 

For years my children and I have been attacked every summer. Well this year I have found the secret weapon to win this war.

There are other choices but this is the only one I have found that actually works. I've tried both home remedies and over-the-counter medicines. 



Finding a Perfect Crossbody Canvas Handbag

 For a while now I have been looking for the ideal cross body bag.  I don't carry much with me day-to-day so I don't want a large bag. Specifically I was looking for something light weight and stylish. If you have been reading my blog you know I'm a programmer meaning most often I have some sort of computer in tow. Therefore, I don't need much additional baggage. I was leaning toward vintage canvas because it feels right with my casual daily lifestyle. 

While my husband and I were on a weekend trip recently, we stopped in this quaint little shop and I found it. The perfect solution! But of course while I was examining the options he calls from across the store and beckons me to taste test a new coffee the shop is featuring. From there my one-track mind completely forgot the bags.  It wasn't until we were miles away that my thoughts landed again on my find. Although I would have preferred to have given my money the small shop I am now at the mercy of the vast internet.

These are some options I have found. Now to compare and make a solid decision.

Myra Bag: Unisex-Old Howard Rugged Canvas Cross Body Bag

These are the bags that spoke to me. Not an exact replica of the bags that I saw in that shop but very is close. They have that vintage look and are the perfect size. The first image is the one I think I will go with. You can find a whole line of Myra Bags online. There is a style to match most anyone's casual life. You can find this exact one here.