Classroom Helper Signs

 My daughter started her first year as a third grade teacher this year. When she started setting up her new classroom she asked me to help her create a few items for her classroom. I was overjoyed to help. One of the first things she asked for help with was designing some signs she could use to assign students to specific jobs each week. Each student has a clothes pin and at the beginning of each week she moves the clothes pins around so everyone has a new job each week.

If you are interested you can find this design in my etsy shop for download.


Town Square Tour - Heber Springs Arkansas

Date of Visit: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Weather: Cloudy and rain showers. Temp in the 80s

Highlight: Antique Shopping

This week's adventure was Heber Springs.  Heber Springs is a lake town in central Arkansas. It seems to be a gateway to Greers Ferry Lake. We saw lots of trucks pulling boats as we traveled into town. We drove in from the south via Conway so the drive was beautiful, rainy on the way there, but beautiful nonetheless. The mountain views with the rising fog was so pretty.

As we drove into the town square the first thing you notice is the beautiful courthouse with its majestic rounded tower atop. I stepped out of the vehicle just as the clock struck the hour and the bell did chime followed by a sweet melody. Despite the slight drizzle of rain I stood and took in the sight of calmness while the music sang. In the distance I could see the mountain tops with their bonnets of fog.

When the music stopped my husband and I, umbrella in hand, started our lazy walk around the square. We stopped in each and every antique flea market, thrift store and boutique.  

Certainly our favorite shop would have been the Peddler's Market. We were merrily greeted at the door and found so many beloved antiques and hand-crafted items. We walked out with arms full because there were too many items from which we just couldn't walk away.

A second favorite would be the She Shed. This shop, too, was filled with eye candy. We could have spent the entire day adoring trinkets in this shop alone.

This town square didn't have much to offer for lunch options. There was a "tea room" in the back of one of the shops and in hindsight I wish we had given it a try.  But we both had a craving for specialty pizza so we decided to look outside the square. According to trip advisory one of the best places to eat in Heber Springs is Pizza Pie-Zazz. Unfortunately, I do not agree with many of the reviewers. The restaurant setting was definitely nothing to see and the pizza quality was barely above that of your average chain delivery pizza. On future trips we will be looking to keep our dining within the square.

Heber Springs is one of those town squares that is showing signs of dying away. Many of the buildings stood empty. Hopefully we as a society will begin to appreciate these beauties and we will begin to see them revitalized.

Regardless, we very much enjoyed our visit and hope to return soon. When we return I hope to find more eateries, craft shops and maybe a candy store or bakery.

The most unique item I noticed in Heber Springs might be the delightful music that played after the clock bells rang.

To find more interesting things to do and visit in Heber Springs visit their website at https://www.heber-springs.com/.

I encourage you to visit this amazing little town you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for the hospitality Heber Springs!


You can read about why we do these tours here.


Town Square Tours

Imagine a majestic courthouse with the clock tower chiming its bell above. Now slowly look left to right and notice the slow laid-back pace of the towns people frolicking along the sidewalks that surround, each with bags in hand as they enter and leave the small mom-and-pop shops on the town square. 

It's the setting of many Hallmark movies, right?  These places do exist across the United States!  My husband and I have vowed to visit as many as we can here in our home state of Arkansas. And maybe some day we can venture into other states. 

I am going to try to blog each of our adventures so you all can share in the charm of these sometimes forgotten jewels.

And please let me know if you have suggestions for our future trips.

Happy Trails,



Every Step of the Way

I guess every mother has some special way of loving their children. For years now I have used the same saying to tell my kids I love them and always will. It's the way I end every note and all birthday cards.  Recently my daughter graduated from college and I was sure to remind her that I had loved her "every step of the way" and will love her for all the future steps.

I think they each know I'll love them every step of the way!!!

If you are interested in the downloadable svg you can find it here in my Etsy shop.


The Best Food Storage Containers

Not all food storage containers are the same.  

This is hands down my favorite for short storage. These containers are made of hard clear plastic and have suction closing lids with fold-over snap locks.

The lids close so effortlessly and really seal the food in. No leaks ever!

To top it all off they are easy to store themselves with their easy to find lids.