A View from River Mountain is a humorous lifestyle blog which contains a lot of different subject matter; including crafts, organizing, decorating, but most often my twisted opinion.

My name is Jessica and I do actually have a view from River Mountain.  River Mountain is a community that overlooks the Arkansas River Valley. Although the view from River Mountain is indeed a beautiful scene, this blog is less about what I can see out my window and more about my blissful opinion of the world beyond that.  

I've spent years in the workforce as a computer programmer/software developer as well as other various technical positions.  I hope to use my experience in both technology and surviving as a working mom to give all of you some pointers.  Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

Now, on to the more important part of my life...my family.  

I am blessed to have found a mate that both challenges and inspires me. I feel like we compliment each other perfectly. After over 20 years of marriage one would think we would know everything about each other but not the case. Mr. D is still a mystery to me. I tell him that often. But life would be boring otherwise.

Together Mr. D and I have 3 lively children (Abbi, Ethan, & Seth Isaac).  I miss the days when they were young and I had more control but I am very much enjoying seeing them grow as young adults. I take pleasure in whom they have become because I know they are these people because of me.  I pray I have done a good job...and so far, so good.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope I can interest you in a conversation or two.  If you have any questions or would just like to say hi send me a line at jessica.downum(at)gmail.com.

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