I'm a Little Teapot...

I rescued this little teapot from the trash and gave it a good bath...not bad looking.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the lid and I rose motif on the front didn't match my decor.
That was easily corrected with a little bit of paint. Amazing how big a change a little bit of paint makes.

I could have chose a brighter color that would have better highlighted the design but my kitchen accent color is green.

So I added color with flowers. These daffodils made this little teapot sing!

A teapot that was on its way to the city dump yesterday is the centerpiece on my dining room table this morning.


Popsicle Stick Pencil Cup

I purchased a huge bag of colorful popsicle sticks at one of those "everything for a dollar" stores. 

Now what to do with all these pretty sticks?

Project 1: Pencil Cup...or flower vase....or small flower urn

This project took only a few minutes with the help of little hands.

You'll need:
Empty & Clean vegetable can
Popsicle sticks 

This project was so quick because the popsicle sticks were the perfect length for the size of my can.

Simply glue the sticks side-by-side around the outside of the empty can. I alternated colors for a rainbow effect but I think it would have been just as pretty had I used all the same color or only 2 colors for a striped effect.  The natural colored sticks would look nice as well.

After the glue has dried, add a ribbon to finish. 

I love raphia!

My daughter needed a pencil cup for her room.

More popsicle stick crafts are in my future.

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Daffodils - First Hint of Spring

I love it when the daffodils start to peak from beneath the ground.  It's the first signs that spring is getting close.

We have tons of them that grow near the barn and make for a beautiful photo opportunity...especially when you put my gorgeous daughter in the middle.

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