Friday's Frets: Uhh-ers & Umm-ers

  [fret] (noun): an irritated state of mind; annoyance; vexation.

Friday's Frets are my little rants about something that annoys me, most often without reason. We all have them, those little peeves that you may or may not notice.

Silence is your friend!

I will be the first to admit that public speaking is not on my list of skills. As a matter of fact, personal speaking isn't a skill I excel at either. I say this as proof I have no right to critique anyone's speech but nonetheless I shall.

I am regularly punished with business meetings. There is rarely anything fun about them but probably the worst for me is if the leader of the meeting is an umm-er. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, an umm-er is someone that fears a silent break in speech so they fill it with ummmm or uhhhhh. Just let there be silence until you gather your thought. JUST LET THERE BE SILENCE!! It is most frustrating when the speaker isn't confident in the subject matter. In this case the um's and uh's flow freely often times to the point that the purpose of the speech is lost. Sometimes there are situations where the presenter is very familiar with the subject yet the uh's lead the audience to believe the opposite. It's my opinion that often these vocabulary destroyers don't even realize they fear silence.

Along the same subject, the more recent generations over use "like".  Every sentence you utter shouldn't contain this word and you definitely shouldn't use it more than once in the same sentence.

Another, don't end a sentence with "you know". If I knew then why are you telling me? 

Lastly, if the sentence is a question commit to the question. Don't start the sentence as a declaration and at the very last minute revert to a question. Example: 
NO: "Roses are always pink, correct?"
YES: "Are roses always pink?"

Welp that's my two cents.

Fretfully, Jessie

Podcast Addiction: S-Town

Podcast Addictions are my opinions on some of the podcasts to which I listen or have listened. I am in no way incentivized for these posts so you can be sure they are my true opinions.

Podcast Title: S-Town
Genre: Investigative Journalism
Host: Brian Reed
Rating: This podcast is definitely meant for a mature audience. The subject matter is murder and there is foul language.
Star Rating: 5 stars

S-Town is probably one of the best serial podcasts I have experienced. It is a story of murder accusations made by an extremely colorful character, John B. McLemore. John shares his opinions of various scandals he feels are going on in his hometown (Woodstock, AL) with the host as they work together to investigate the possibilities.

Although the story of murder in a small town is interesting to me, I feel like this podcast gets it appeal from John McLemore. His personality is so very intriguing. I am especially drawn to his views because I have a son that battles similar eccentricities and life-threatening depression. It seems some with a very high IQ struggle to function in everyday life. As I listened to his interpretations of event and how he spends his free time, most of his characteristics I can relate back to my precious offspring. I'm fortunate my son's story doesn't end as Mr. McLemore's did but that is only due to a miracle.

Beware this podcast is one that is hard to pause. If you are one of those that can't put down a book once you start then you better be ready to invest some time before you start this podcast. There's a reason why it is a record breaking podcast!

What am I listening to now?

  • My Favorite Murder
  • Crawlspace
Expect some opinions on these very soon. 



Podcast Addictions: Imagined Life

Podcast Addictions are my opinions on some of the podcasts to which I listen or have listened. I am in no way incentivized for these posts so you can be sure they are my true opinions.

For my very first "podcast addiction" post I chose a podcast I have listened to since its infancy and I have continued to find interesting. 

Imagined Life is a Wondery production. I have listened to many of the Wondery productions and they have never let me down. Wondery produces high-quality podcast. You won't fully appreciate the superiority until you have listened to a poor-quality podcast.

Imagined Life highlights the life events of someone famous in each podcast. This podcast series is made unique by the mystery factor. You aren’t told whose life you are learning about until the very end of the story.  Each broadcast is about an hour long with numerous clues. I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out “who I am” before the end of the story. More often than not I don’t come up with the correct answer until it is divulged by the host.

Aside from the challenge I find many of these stories inspirational. It is nice to know that most everyone has struggled at some point in their life and many still have themselves very productive in society. The topic characters include authors, leaders, musicians, actors, inventors and a variety of others.

If you enjoy biographies and a challenge subscribe to Imagined Life. It will not disappoint.

If you want to find out a little more check out the Wondery website here.



Podcast Addiction: Introduction

I never would have guessed I would become one of those podcast loving people. BUT a few years back a coworker suggest I listen to a popular podcast. It was an interesting story and he was sure I would be intrigued. On average I spend at least an hour daily in my car so I thought...why not. What else am I going to do while I drive, concentrate on driving? 

And my friends that's all it took! After I finished that first podcast I was hooked. Surprisingly, I'm not addicted to a specific genre. There are several different genres to which I subscribe and listen to on a regular basis. Although I must admit I am drawn to the serial true crime podcasts. For those of you with little podcast exposure, a serial podcast is a series of chronological podcasts that tell a story. It's almost like reading a chapter book.

My iPhone connects to my car via bluetooth making listening so convenient. Because I am using my iPhone I am currently using the Apple podcast app. Any podcast I might suggest should be available there. I have, however, found that most podcasts are available on multiple streaming services. I currently have no opinion of which is better. I merely use what is available and convenient for me. 

Over the years I have listened to many different podcast and I find myself regularly looking for new options. So I was thinking I have an opinion! Why not share my opinion with my fellow bloggers, just in case you all are interested. The goal is to write a detailed post about a podcast I am listening to on a regular basis. I will receive nothing from any of these podcasters so the opinions will be true and raw.

By the way, that very first podcast that was suggested to me was S-Town. My coworker was correct, it is intriguing. Later I will do a more in-depth post about S-Town. For now if you are thinking of giving podcasts a try and you enjoy true crime check it out. But be aware you will likely become hooked.



Friday's Frets: Computer Monitors


  [fret] (noun): an irritated state of mind; annoyance; vexation.

Friday's Frets are my little rants about something that annoys me, most often without reason. We all have them, those little peeves that you may or may not notice.

From the time we start to read we are given literature that is on standard paper, 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long.  We are educated using books that are portrait view.

So...someone tell me why are computer monitors landscape view!! Why are they always wider than taller?

Doesn't this have some sort of negative effect on our brains.  Many websites you visit actually have quite a bit of white space on either side of the primary view. 

I'm aware that I have settings I can change on my monitor that will allow me to set my monitor up as a portrait view but why doesn't it just come standard that way. Shouldn't that be the norm? Who made this decision to flip my world?


Jess :)