Rocker Refresh

This gorgeous rocker belonged to my husband's grandmother. It was one of the jewels he was given after she passed. It was a bit weathered. 

I thought I had taken a picture of it before but I can't find it so I will do my best to describe and maybe you can imagine.

It was painted turquoise but at least 50% of the paint had chipped away.  It originally had a wooden weaved seat that was cracked and breaking away, so much so that sitting in it should only be done with caution.  When I pulled the seat away I found beds that mice had made.

Although I loved the rustic look, I decided it needed a face lift. I couldn't decide what to replace the seat with so I went to the queen of good ideas...my mother.  She had a couple suggestion but I fell in love with the denim idea.

Firstly, I sanded off the chipping paint and then sprayed on a couple coats of bright red outdoor paint.  I used the outdoor paint because the chair's new home will be my front porch. The bright red is definitely bold but I love it.

After the paint was fully dry, it was time for the seat.  This is the time consuming part. I needed denim strips about an inch wide...a lot of them.  Of course you can purchase denim at the fabric store but because I am so thrifty I opted to use old jeans. I live with a house full of hard working young men and therefore they go through lots of jeans. I have been saving them for a while thinking I would make a blanket or perhaps a rug, never considered a chair seat but so shall it be.  

I cut 3 inch strips as long as I could get. I needed almost 90 feet of stripping for my chair seat. That is a lot of denim strips but so very worth it.

I sewed each strip together end to end until I had 90 feet of 3" wide denim. I folded the very long strip in half lengthwise. So now the strip is about a 1 1/2 inches wide. Then tucked the outer edges in so the cut edges weren't exposed and sewed the seam down the length of the strip. 

Shew! After all that sewing I had to weave it into the seat.  I know what you are thinking, easy breezy. Not at all.  Actually it wasn't hard just time consuming.  I used staples to make sure the denim didn't pull away at the beginning and ending of the weave.

If you are interested in a tutorial for the pillow in this rocking chair you can see that here.

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Americana Pillow

In honor of Veterans Day and the 2016 history making Election Day, I thought I would share my quick and easy Americana pillow tutorial. You will be amazed at just how simple this pillow cover is to put together.  I only used items I already had so it cost me nothing. But even if you have to purchase a couple supplies it is still very inexpensive.

Supplies Used:
  • Pillow Form (I actually used a small decorative pillow that no longer worked in my decor)
  • Fabric to cover the pillow: this needs to be a sturdy fabric, drop cloth material works great.
  • Fabric Paint:  Red, White & Blue ( I chose barn red, English navy, and bright white)
  • Thread that matches your fabric
  • Chalk
Tools Used:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Sponge Paint Brush
  • Star shaped sponge
  • Measuring Tape
  1.  Measure the size of your pillow form (mine was 12" X 18"). Add 1" to both width and length to allow for a 1/2" seam on all sides. Cut fabric to cover both front and back of pillow.  To avoid a seam on one side and because I was using remnant fabric, I cut my fabric to 13" X 37".  This allowed me to fold the fabric length wise.
  2. Sew 3 sides.  With the "pretty sides" of your fabric touching sew 3 sides of the fabric with a 1/2" seam.  Leave one side open so you can turn the cover inside out and stuff with the pillow form.  You should have a pillow case at this point.
  3. With the cover turned seams inside, insert a piece of cardboard.  This will keep the paint from bleeding to the back of the cover.
  4. I use chalk to roughly sketch the image I wanted on my pillow. Chalk works great because a stiff brush can be used to remove after painting is complete or if you make a mistake with your design. For my image I wanted half the pillow to be blue with stars and the other half to have large red stripes. Get creative. There is no wrong design.
  5. When you are happy with the chalked image, start applying the paint.  I was looking for an aged look so I didn't do full coverage with the paint.  I used a sponge paint brush and limited the amount of paint I put on. I started by painting the blue half. Then painted the red stripes.  When I was finished with the red stripes the blue was dry so I could add the stars.
  6. Stamping the stars.  You can purchase a foam star stamp at any craft store, which makes adding the stars very easy. Unfortunately for me I didn't have one so I improvised and cut a template from plastic and sponged the stars. I think my results
    were similar to what I would have gotten with a stamp.
  7. Let the cover dry completely before stuffing with the pillow form and completing the remaining seam.
The last step is to find the perfect home for it. AND I DID!  On my front porch in my gorgeous red rocking chair.  If you are interested in seeing how I restored this old rocker, check it out here.

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Body Cream with Charcoal

I have been dealing with skin issues for several years. I suffer from Rosacea redness across my cheeks.  I have tried everything over the years to avoid medication.  A while back a friend suggested I research the benefits of charcoal.

charcoalCharcoal? No way? I'm not putting charcoal on my skin! But indeed it is a skin detox. And does leave your skin feeling wonderful.

I tried the charcoal masks and they are quite nice but messy and quite the hassle.  A few months ago I found a body cream containing charcoal and algae that I have fallen in love with. It is so much easier than the masks. I replaced my daily after-shower lotion with this cream and I also apply before bed to my face.

Have I said how much I love the way my skin feels after application?

If you are like me and suffer from skin problem or if you are just looking for a body cream that your skin will thank you for give this product a try.  You won't be disappointed.


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