Tin Man Yard Ornament

This cute little TIN MAN yard ornament was my husband's holiday craft gift. He was a hit with the children.

Needed Items:
     Wire Snips
     Rivet Gun
     Silver spray paint
     Various other paint (for decorating)
     1 - Large Coffee Can
     1 - Large Chili/Stew Can
     4 - Vegetable Cans
     4 - Soup Cans
     2 - Sardine Cans
     1 - Small Funnel
     5 - Bottle Caps

As you can see from the pictures you rivet the cans together to make the body, head, legs and arms.
The ears, hands and nose were cut from the ends of the cans. Be careful as the edges are quite sharp.

The funnel is glued to the top as a hat and the entire thing is spray painted with silver paint.
Decorate as you desire.


  1. How fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy having him in your yard!

    1. I'm encouraging my husband to do the lion and scarecrow.


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