Rocker Refresh

This gorgeous rocker belonged to my husband's grandmother. It was one of the jewels he was given after she passed. It was a bit weathered. 

I thought I had taken a picture of it before but I can't find it so I will do my best to describe and maybe you can imagine.

It was painted turquoise but at least 50% of the paint had chipped away.  It originally had a wooden weaved seat that was cracked and breaking away, so much so that sitting in it should only be done with caution.  When I pulled the seat away I found beds that mice had made.

Although I loved the rustic look, I decided it needed a face lift. I couldn't decide what to replace the seat with so I went to the queen of good ideas...my mother.  She had a couple suggestion but I fell in love with the denim idea.

Firstly, I sanded off the chipping paint and then sprayed on a couple coats of bright red outdoor paint.  I used the outdoor paint because the chair's new home will be my front porch. The bright red is definitely bold but I love it.

After the paint was fully dry, it was time for the seat.  This is the time consuming part. I needed denim strips about an inch wide...a lot of them.  Of course you can purchase denim at the fabric store but because I am so thrifty I opted to use old jeans. I live with a house full of hard working young men and therefore they go through lots of jeans. I have been saving them for a while thinking I would make a blanket or perhaps a rug, never considered a chair seat but so shall it be.  

I cut 3 inch strips as long as I could get. I needed almost 90 feet of stripping for my chair seat. That is a lot of denim strips but so very worth it.

I sewed each strip together end to end until I had 90 feet of 3" wide denim. I folded the very long strip in half lengthwise. So now the strip is about a 1 1/2 inches wide. Then tucked the outer edges in so the cut edges weren't exposed and sewed the seam down the length of the strip. 

Shew! After all that sewing I had to weave it into the seat.  I know what you are thinking, easy breezy. Not at all.  Actually it wasn't hard just time consuming.  I used staples to make sure the denim didn't pull away at the beginning and ending of the weave.

If you are interested in a tutorial for the pillow in this rocking chair you can see that here.

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