Podcast Addiction: S-Town

Podcast Addictions are my opinions on some of the podcasts to which I listen or have listened. I am in no way incentivized for these posts so you can be sure they are my true opinions.

Podcast Title: S-Town
Genre: Investigative Journalism
Host: Brian Reed
Rating: This podcast is definitely meant for a mature audience. The subject matter is murder and there is foul language.
Star Rating: 5 stars

S-Town is probably one of the best serial podcasts I have experienced. It is a story of murder accusations made by an extremely colorful character, John B. McLemore. John shares his opinions of various scandals he feels are going on in his hometown (Woodstock, AL) with the host as they work together to investigate the possibilities.

Although the story of murder in a small town is interesting to me, I feel like this podcast gets it appeal from John McLemore. His personality is so very intriguing. I am especially drawn to his views because I have a son that battles similar eccentricities and life-threatening depression. It seems some with a very high IQ struggle to function in everyday life. As I listened to his interpretations of event and how he spends his free time, most of his characteristics I can relate back to my precious offspring. I'm fortunate my son's story doesn't end as Mr. McLemore's did but that is only due to a miracle.

Beware this podcast is one that is hard to pause. If you are one of those that can't put down a book once you start then you better be ready to invest some time before you start this podcast. There's a reason why it is a record breaking podcast!

What am I listening to now?

  • My Favorite Murder
  • Crawlspace
Expect some opinions on these very soon. 


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