Thursday's Quick Tips

If your cell phone comes in contact with water, quickly remove it from the water. Power it down. Remove the battery and then submerge it in dry uncooked rice. Leave it covered in the rice for at least 24 hours(longer is always better) before reconnecting the battery.

The easiest way to clean up a dropped egg is to cover it with salt and wait 15 minutes. The egg consistency will turn such that it can be easily cleaned.

Shaving cream will remove motor oil from carpet.  Cover the spot with shaving cream and rub into the spot. Leave for about 30 seconds then clean thoroughly with warm water. Cover the spot with something absorbent and a weight for a couple hours.


  1. Wow! All excellent tips and all new to me! Thank you!

    1. Because I am in the technology field I have used the rice trick on cell phones several times. It really does work if you get to it quickly enough and have the patience to leave it in the rice.

  2. Great tips! I know I've experience almost a dozen dropped eggs on the floor at one time so these tips would definitely have helped.


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