Denim with a Little Lace

This weekend my daughter was Pinterest inspired by some denim shorts she found.

And of course she challenged me to recreate them. Wish I had tagged the original picture because now I can't find it.

This is how our version turned out.

It was actually easier than I thought. She had the cutoff jeans and we used an old lace curtain.

I cut the lace just a 1/4 inch larger than the area I was covering. Then ironed it flat. You need to use a low heat setting for lace. 

I pinned the lace piece in place and used a hem stitch around the entire outside. 

She loved the finished product and it really didn't take me too much effort.

Anything to keep "the princess" happy! 


  1. Pretty darn cool! I can't believe it was that easy. Good job!

  2. what an adorable idea! For non-talented sewers do you think fabric tac would work?

  3. Nice when that princess loves your creations! Thank you for linking it up with us!! A new linky party will open tomorrow, and we hope to see you there again!

  4. Nice when that growing princess stays happy with mom
    s work. Well done. I love lace on jeans.


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