Rules for Washing Jeans

No matter the cycle or detergent, machine washing and drying any fabric is abrasive.  So here are some rules for keeping those jeans comfy and looking newer longer.

  •  Only wash your jeans when they need it.

    • As a matter of fact I find them more comfortable with the second wear.  If they don’t need it, don’t do it!

  • Zip that Zipper.

    • Zip all zippers and fasten all buttons and snaps.  Not only does the tumbling in the machine cause the zippers to rub the fabric causing wear and possible snags but if those zippers get damaged your favorite pair of jeans become next weeks craft project. Also don’t over fill the washer.  They need room to move freely.

  • Inside Out.

    • To minimize color loss, turn jeans inside out before putting them in the wash and leave them this way until dry.

  • Color-Preserving Detergent.

    • Special detergents for dark colors really do work.  Many contain agents that deactivate the chlorine in the water that fades dark colors.

  • Don't Over-Dry.

    • Of course, hand washing and line drying are the safest methods but let’s be realistic. No one has time for that!  When using the using the blessings of a machine the best rule of thumb is cool is best.  Wash them in cold water and limit the time in the dryer to what is absolutely necessary.  If possible use low temperature drying until only damp and then lay flat to complete the drying process.
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  1. For some reason, washing jeans has always been a mystery to me. I throw them in a cold wash together and hope for the best. These tips make a lot of sense. I'll start zipping and buttoning them now!

    1. With a house full of boys it seems I am always washing jeans. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. I never thought about the impact leaving my zippers unzipped could have on my zippers! what a great list thanks for sharing!


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