A few days ago one of the sales guys (Pete) I work with came into my office and was telling me of an encounter he had while on his last sales trip.

After a long day visiting potential customers he decided to stop at a convenience store to grab a soda. As he walked toward the register he noticed the older gentleman in front of him. He was wearing overalls, a dirty white t-shirt and work boots. It was obvious he had worked hard for most his life. The gentleman paid for his purchase and walked away.

As he walked away and Pete approached the cashier she rolled her eyes and growled "I hate those redneck types". Pete smiled and asked "What types?". Her smug response was "You know. Those backwoods people that have no business in the real world. What do you call them?"

Pete grinned mischievously and simply replied, "NEIGHBORS!".

Knowing Pete as well as I do I have no doubt this is how this actually happened. Although by day he is dressed in a suit and tie underneath that frosting he is a hardworking Arkansas country boy and very proud of it.

His story made me think. So often I see people judged by the way they are dressed or their accent. I'm guilty of it myself. This is something I am going to strive to correct in myself. In God's eyes we are all equal.

My hope is that any of you that read Pete's story are moved as I was and pledge to Love thy Neighbor and not judge thy neighbor.

God Bless


  1. Hi Jessica,

    What a great post! I am working on my PhD right now and am getting ready to write my dissertation on diversity. Your post is soo true! I think e're all guilty of this. I've learned to stop myself and actually say hi to the person :). Everyone could use a smile from time to time! I am a new fan from Linkin with my ladies! Have a great weekend :)

    The Wondering Brain

  2. Great post! came across you on a blog hop! Now following. Would love the favor returned.

    have a blessed day!

  3. love this post! such a great point. new follower via the blog hop :)

  4. Amen to that! Great post. Just the inspiration I was looking for. Thank you for sharing this...and please let Pete know that he is a GOOD NEIGHBOR! I am now following.

    Hope you'll stop by for a visit.
    Aloha from Vicki

  5. Great reminder to us all Vicki. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Patti


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