Friday Frets - Sandwich Buns 8 Count?


  [fret] (noun): an irritated state of mind; annoyance; vexation.

Friday's Frets are my little rants about something that annoys me, most often without reason. We all have them, those little peeves that you may or may not notice.

Who decided that sandwich buns should come in a count of 8? Why 8?  Why not 10 or 5? Or better yet 2? 

When I was feeding a family of five, 8 worked out okay. Sometimes there were a couple left over but most times not...teenage boys!  But now that most days I'm only feeding myself and my husband,  8 is too many.

We typically eat two and the other six are left to age. I just want to be able to buy the amount I need.  

The bakery, I guess that is my best option.

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