Weekend Hike

I love the outdoors. The only thing that makes being outdoors better is sharing the experience with my family.

Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate to be able to do a short hike with my family. We took a trip to north Arkansas to visit my parents and afterwards decided we would walk in to see the "falls" of Falling Water Creek.

As you can see it is a beautiful view.  I could sit and watch the water fall for hours.  
The weather was almost perfect. The wind had a little chill to it but with the walking and climbing it felt really nice.

As you can see in these picture my sons and their dad very much enjoyed climbing across the rocks, through the trees and brush and even splashing in the water a little.  Boys will be boys!

Even big sister had a good time. Although she isn't much for hiking...typical teenage girl...she did like sitting on the rock with the boyfriend.

It was a wonderful day with my family. I'm so thankful they are a part of my life.

Click here if you are interested in the waterfalls that can be found in Arkansas.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place! Not to mention some fabulous photos! I loved this post!

  2. wow and you live near here? that's amazing...

    Pearls & Paws

  3. Oh how I wish I had that weather right not! The waterfalls are beautiful!

  4. Jessica,

    Pleased to meet you!! Thank you so much for signing up to follow Debbie-Dabble!! I have returned the favor and are now following you too!

    I will add your blog to my Blog Rolls. Looking forward to getting to know you!!


  5. That his looks like a beautiful place! We got hit with more snow today, I would rather be enjoying a view of a waterfall.

  6. absolutely beautiful. i can just imagine how relaxing and peaceful it is to hike there. thanks for sharing and thanks for your kind words on my blog. happily following.
    have a wonderful weekend. :)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful place!!! Love water and stones in Nature!Love all photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  8. those are the best kind of days! thanks for sharing on the photo friday blog hop- boy am i glad it is getting warmer :)


  9. Hi Lovely. I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop.
    Your blog is awesome.
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